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Security Access Procedure Upon successful enrollment in the Services, you will be able to access Services from our web site located at or any web site that we may designate from time to time, using your Access IDs as defined in the Cash Management Business Online Banking Agreement. The Administrator is assigned a temporary User Password. When accessing the Services for the first time, your Administrator will be prompted to create a new User Password. The Company ID, User ID and User Password are collectively, the "Primary Access ID". For security reasons, the Services will prompt your Administrator to periodically change his or her User Password. Your Administrator may also change his or her User Password from time to time at his or her sole discretion. You acknowledge and agree to the security terms set forth in section 7 Access ID and section 8 Account Access of the Cash Management Business Online Banking Agreement.

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Everything I have stated in this application is correct to the best of my knowledge. You are authorized to make whatever credit inquiries or verification of information or to request any additional information you deem necessary and to answer any questions about your credit experience with me. I understand that my rights and responsibilities with regard to the services I have requested are described in the brochure entitled "Electronic Funds Transfers Your Rights and Responsibilities" and the "Washington Trust's Business Online Banking Agreement" which you have provided to me or will provide to me if my application is approved. The signature below must be an authorized signer on the WTC accounts that will have online access.

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